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  • iPod nano 第七代

    iPod nano 2012 二手

    Apple 推出全新 iPod touch 與 iPod nano

    【2012 年 9 月 12 日,舊金山訊】― Apple® 今日推出全世界最受歡迎音樂播放器的全新產品系列,令人讚嘆的全新 iPod touch® 與徹底改造的 iPod nano®。全新 iPod nano 為有史以來最薄的 iPod®,搭載 2.5 吋 Multi-Touch™ 多點觸控顯示器;便利導覽的按鈕;內建 Bluetooth 無線聆聽功能;全新 iPod nano 具備七種全新亮麗色彩。

  • iPod nano 第六代

    iPod nano 2010 二手

    Apple Reinvents iPod nano With Multi-Touch Interface

    SAN FRANCISCO—September 1, 2010—Apple® today unveiled a completely redesigned iPod nano® featuring Apple’s Multi-Touch™ interface that lets users navigate their music collection by simply tapping or swiping a finger on the display. Nearly half the size and weight of the previous generation, the new iPod nano features a polished aluminum and glass enclosure with a built-in clip, making it instantly wearable. The new iPod nano features Genius Mixes, the ability to create and edit playlists, a built-in FM radio with live pause and up to 24 hours of music playback on a single battery charge.

  • iPod nano 第五代

    iPod nano 2009 二手

    蘋果發表內建視訊攝影機的全新 iPod nano

    【2009 年 9 月 9 日美國舊金山訊】蘋果今天發表全新的 iPod nano®,這款全世界最受歡迎的音樂隨身聽,現在又多了視訊攝影機、麥克風與揚聲器。音樂愛好者現在可以走到哪裡拍到哪裡,直接就在 iPod nano 上觀賞,還可以透過電腦輕鬆上傳到 YouTube。全新 iPod nano 擁有超輕薄的優雅設計,提供更大的 2.2 吋彩色螢幕,還有亮麗的拋光鋁合金與玻璃外型。iPod nano 同時也內建 FM 收音機,提供即時暫停與計步器功能。8GB 款式定價 NT$6,290,16GB 款式定價 NT$7,490,共有:銀色、黑色、紫色、藍色、綠色、橘色、黃色、(PRODUCT) RED 紅色以及粉紅色等九種亮麗色彩可供選擇。

  • iPod nano 第四代

    iPod nano 2008 二手

    蘋果發表全新的 iPod nano

    2008 年 9 月 9 日美國舊金山訊 – 蘋果今天發表全新第四代 iPod® nano,這款有史以來最薄的 iPod,擁有全新的優雅設計、全鋁合金加上鏡面玻璃螢幕打造的曲線機身,共有九種炫麗的顏色可供挑選。全新 iPod 整合了蘋果創新的 Genius 功能,您只需按一下,就能從您的音樂資料庫自動挑選品味相合的歌曲來建立播放列表。全新 iPod nano 還提供更優質的操作介面、高解析直幅螢幕,內建的移動感應器,能在機身橫轉時自動切換至 Cover Flow® 瀏覽模式,而且只要在手中搖一搖,就能自動進入 Shuffle™ 隨機播放模式。全新的 iPod nano 能提供長達 24 小時的音樂或 4 小時的影片播放續航力*,即將於 10 月初在台上市,8GB 機型定價只要 NT$5,300,16GB 機型定價只要 NT$7,000。兩種機型都提供銀色、紫色、藍色、綠色、橘色、黃色、粉紅色、(PRODUCT) RED* 及黑色等九種顏色。

  • iPod nano 第三代

    iPod nano 2007 二手

    Apple Introduces All New iPod nano

    SAN FRANCISCO—September 5, 2007—Apple® today introduced the all new iPod® nano, bringing video playback, an enhanced user interface featuring Cover Flow™, and an incredible new design to the world’s most popular music player. The new iPod nano features a larger two-inch display with 204 pixels per inch, which lets users watch their favorite movies, TV shows and music videos in the same resolution they currently enjoy on the video iPod. iPod nano also includes three fun games, and additional games can be purchased from the online iTunes® Store (www.itunes.com). iPod nano delivers up to 24 hours of audio playback or five hours of video playback on a single charge, and is encased in a beautiful new all-metal design made with anodized aluminum and polished stainless steel and comes in five new colors—silver, black, blue, green and a (PRODUCT) RED special edition.

  • iPod nano 第二代

    iPod nano 2006 二手

    Apple Introduces the New iPod nano

    SAN FRANCISCO—September 12, 2006—Apple® today introduced the all-new iPod® nano with a new aluminum body, an incredible 24 hours of battery life and more than twice the music capacity for the same price as the previous generation. The new iPod nano features Apple’s innovative Click Wheel and an even smaller, thinner and lighter design available in silver, pink, green, blue and black.

  • 第一代 iPod nano

    iPod nano 2005 二手

    Apple Introduces iPod nano

    SAN FRANCISCO—September 7, 2005—Apple® today introduced the iPod® nano, a revolutionary full-featured iPod that holds 1,000 songs yet is thinner than a standard #2 pencil and less than half the size of competitive players. The iPod nano features an ultra-portable, lightweight design with a gorgeous color screen, Apple’s patent pending Click Wheel and the ability to hold 1,000 songs or 25,000 photos. iPod nano works seamlessly with the iTunes® Music Store, the world’s number one digital music service. The iPod nano is available immediately in a 4GB model priced at just $249 and a 2GB model priced at just $199, with both models available in stunning white or black designs.

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