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  • iPod classic

    iPod Classic 二手

    Apple Introduces New iPod classic

    SAN FRANCISCO—September 5, 2007—Apple® today introduced the new iPod® classic, featuring 80GB or 160GB of storage that holds your entire collection of music, photos, video, podcasts and games—up to 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video. Now in its sixth generation, the new iPod classic delivers all the features customers love about their iPods, plus an enhanced user interface featuring Cover Flow™ and a new all-metal enclosure. iPod classic is priced at just $249 for the 80GB model and $349 for the 160GB model.

  • iPod

    iPod 2005 二手

    Apple Introduces the New iPod

    SAN FRANCISCO—September 12, 2006—Apple® today introduced the new iPod®, the best digital music player and most popular portable video player in the world. The new iPod features a 60 percent brighter and more vibrant 2.5-inch color display perfect for watching TV shows and now Hollywood movies right in the palm of your hand. The new iPod features seamless integration with iTunes® 7 and the iTunes Store (www.itunes.com) which now includes over 75 Hollywood movies, 220 television shows and popular video games designed specifically for the fifth generation iPod. The new iPod is available in a 30GB model at the new low price of $249 and an 80GB model, which holds up to 20,000 songs or 100 hours of video, for $349.

  • iPod with video

    iPod 2005 二手

    Apple Unveils the New iPod

    SAN JOSE, California—October 12, 2005—Apple today introduced the new iPod®, featuring a gorgeous 2.5-inch color screen which can display album artwork and photos, and play stunning video including music videos, video Podcasts, home movies and television shows. The new iPod holds up to 15,000 songs, 25,000 photos or over 150 hours of video and is available in a 30GB model for $299 and a 60GB model for $399, with both models available in stunning white or black designs.

  • iPod with color display

    iPod 2004 二手

    Apple Merges iPod & iPod photo Lines

    CUPERTINO, California—June 28, 2005—Apple® today announced that the iPod® and iPod photo lines are merging, creating a single line of white iPods that all feature color displays with the ability to view album artwork, photos and play slideshows in stunning color. The simplified iPod lineup features a 20GB model, holding up to 5,000 songs priced at just $299 and a 60GB model, holding up to 15,000 songs priced at $399. Also starting today, iPods will offer an easy to use Podcast menu, including bookmarking within a Podcast and the ability to display Podcast artwork in color.

  • iPod Photo

    iPod 2004 二手

    Apple Introduces iPod Photo

    SAN JOSE, California—October 26, 2004—Apple® today introduced iPod® Photo, the newest member of the iPod family that lets you take your entire music and photo library with you wherever you go. iPod Photo holds up to 25,000 digital photos alongside your music library and displays them on its stunning high-resolution color screen, allowing you to scroll through your photo library almost instantly using iPod’s patent pending Click Wheel. iPod Photo lets you combine your music and your favorite photos to create magical slideshows on your iPod, and features TV-out for sharing your slideshows on big screen televisions and projectors. iPod Photo comes in 40GB or 60GB models which hold up to 10,000 or 15,000 songs, and its extended battery life gives users up to 15 hours of music playback or up to 5 hours of slideshows.

  • iPod (Click Wheel)

    iPod 2004 二手

    Apple Introduces the New iPod

    CUPERTINO, California—July 19, 2004—Apple® today introduced the new iPod®, the fourth generation of the world’s number one portable digital music player, featuring Apple’s patent pending Click Wheel, which combines the smooth and continuous scrolling of a touch-sensitive wheel with five push buttons for superior one handed navigation. The new iPod also features up to 12 hours battery life and Shuffle Songs, a new command in the main menu which gives users instant access to one of the most exciting new ways to listen to their music library. All iPods work effortlessly with Apple’s iTunes®, providing music fans with the best digital jukebox on either a Mac® or Windows computer and access to the iTunes Music Store, the number one digital music service in the world. The new iPod is available immediately in a 20GB model for $299 and a 40GB model for $399.

  • iPod (Dock Connector)

    iPod 2003 二手

    Apple Introduces New iPods

    CUPERTINO, California—April 28, 2003—Apple® today introduced its third generation iPods, which hold up to 7,500 songs in a stunning enclosure that is lighter and thinner than two CDs. The new ultra-portable iPods feature completely solid-state “no moving parts” navigation wheel and buttons; an elegant new dock with audio out for fast and easy connection to your computer or stereo; an “On-The-Go” playlist so users can build a playlist right on their iPod™; a customizable main menu so users can promote the features they use most often to their top level menu; and Apple’s unique, patent pending Auto-Sync for automatically syncing your computer’s music library with iPod. The new ultra-portable iPods are available in three models: a 10GB model for just $299 (US), a 15GB model for $399 (US) and a 30GB model for $499 (US).

  • iPod (Touch Wheel)

    iPod 2002 二手

    Apple Unveils New iPods

    MACWORLD EXPO, NEW YORK—July 17, 2002—Apple® today extended its lead in the portable digital music market with the introduction of the next generation iPod™, available in three configurations: a 5GB model that now starts at just $299 (US); a 10GB model that is 10 percent thinner for just $399 (US); and a new 20GB model that can hold 4,000 songs for just $499 (US). Both the 10GB and the 20GB models feature the industry’s first solid-state touch wheel for incredible precision, accuracy and durability, and include a new Apple carrying case and wired remote. The new iPods will be available for the first time to both Mac® and Windows customers.

  • iPod (Scroll Wheel)

    iPod 2001 二手

    Apple Presents iPod

    CUPERTINO, California—October 23, 2001—Apple® today introduced iPod™, a breakthrough MP3 music player that packs up to 1,000 CD-quality songs into an ultra-portable, 6.5 ounce design that fits in your pocket. iPod combines a major advance in portable music device design with Apple’s legendary ease of use and Auto-Sync, which automatically downloads all your iTunes™ songs and playlists into your iPod, and keeps them up to date whenever you plug your iPod into your Mac®.

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